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Lia S. Erickson, MD

Pediatrician Lia S. Erickson is happy to help children feel better when they are sick, but she particularly enjoys helping them stay well. "I enjoy working with children and love focusing on trying to keep people healthy," Dr. Erickson said. "I am always looking for ways to help children and families make choices that will keep them healthy their whole lives."

For Dr. Erickson, those goals go hand-in-hand with developing relationships with children and families. "It is a privilege to watch children grow up," she said. "I always do my best to listen, and truly get to know my patients and their caregivers."

A daughter and son keep Dr. Erickson busy and entertained when she's away from the office. "We love spending time together outside, especially hiking in the mountains," she shared. "We also enjoy doing family mission trips to the Dominican Republic."

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