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Robert Montgomery Paynter, MD

Amazement with the human body led Robert Montgomery Paynter, MD, to medicine. "I started in medicine because I enjoyed learning about the miraculous way we are made, from our bodies turning food into energy, to the special cells in our bodies that help fight infection, to the miraculous brain that remembers what we read," Dr. Paynter shared. "I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about those miracles, and helping people be in awe of those same miracles as a doctor has been a wonderful benefit of my own curiosity!"

Whether patients and their parents want to learn more about medicine or just get answers to questions about their own or their child's health, Dr. Paynter is here to provide needed answers. "I really enjoy helping new parents as there is so much overwhelming learning going on at that time," he said. "I also enjoy teenagers and the challenges they and their parents face entering this new developmental stage.

"But, while there's plenty that I know, I still have more to find out," Dr. Paynter continued. "I am always honest about what I know to be true and also about what I don't know. I will always work to get patients the information they need."

Family keeps Dr. Paynter busy outside of work. "My lovely wife, Becky, is a school teacher and athletic director at Redeemer School here in Winston-Salem," he said. "I love spending time with her and with my three kids. We all enjoy music, and we have been known to drop everything to see a band that we like. We also like spending time outdoors, and we include our dog, Bella, in our outdoor activities whenever we can."

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Fun facts

Favorite food: "Do I have to pick a favorite? I like almost anything!"
Favorite sports teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Tarheels, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Hincapie Racing, Cleveland Cavaliers
Superhero power you would want: "I think we all have a superhero power already: a smile! Did you know that you can change someone else's day just by smiling? A smile reaches right into someone's brain and changes it in an instant! But if I could have a comic book superhero power, it would have to be light speed like Flash! That way I would not waste any time getting from one room to another and patients would wait less time. And outside of the office, I could race from here to there and catch kids before they fall!"